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There was a proposed ritual that made the rounds last month to "bind" Trump. I was honestly a bit bothered by the airy reassurance that doing this ritual wouldn't be dangerous, and e-mailed one of my Wiccan friends to get her opinion on it. (Her take was the same as mine: presenting it as risk-free is disingenuous, as you could bind yourself to Trump by doing it. NOT IDEAL.) Another Wiccan friend noted that because it got national publicity, the Domionist Christian rallied to do a counter-spell, basically, rendering the whole exercise much less effective.

Anyway, I've found myself thinking that what's needed most, right now, is not a spell on Trump, but ritual magic directed at the entire nation (or directed at the people around us who most need to see what's going on).

Let me back up with a couple of disclaimers. I am not a Wiccan nor typically a practitioner of ritual magic. I do, however, buy into the idea of ritual magic as a thing: I think that large-scale group prayer is solidly in this category (see: the Dominionist Christian counter-spell). So I'm going to propose a ritual, but with the caveat that I'm probably leaving out elements that might be very key for you in your own tradition or practice. The idea here is to raise and direct energy toward a purpose: if it appeals to you, feel free to restructure these ideas based on your practice, traditions, etc.

If, like me, you're on social media, you've probably been seeing article after article go by about people who voted for Trump, but are going to lose their health insurance under TrumpCare. Who voted for Trump, and still truly believe he's going to bring back coal mining jobs or somehow solve all their problems. Who voted for Trump, but never thought it would be someone they knew who got hurt... etc.

And there's a lot going on here: while in some cases it's as simple as, "they're basically racist assholes," that's not true for all. Some are not paying close attention to the world. Some are in denial. Some put their trust in the Republican party years ago and haven't reconsidered whether the Republican party actually stands for anything they believe in.

This is who this ritual is trying to reach: the people who need to wake. The people who need to look at the facts rather than the propaganda. The people who need to wake to who they've become -- to look at themselves in the mirror one morning and realize that they've been walking side-by-side with white supremacists and literal Nazis. The people who need to know that they're becoming someone they've always recognized as the bad guy.

I'll note that sending out energy to "wake someone to the truth" should be inherently pretty safe, as long as you live a reasonably honest life. When it comes back to you, it might be uncomfortable, but hopefully it will not be dangerous.

Having shown this to a few friends who are more specifically expert on this stuff than me, they think that "the whole nation" is potentially too large a target, and suggest focusing more on people you know, and/or specific politicians.


Monday, March 20th, is the Spring Equinox. This strikes me as a very logical time to do this ritual, because on the Equinox, we're balanced between darkness and light, but more light is coming. That's what we're asking for: more light, even just a little more, every day, for everyone.

If it is more convenient for you to do a morning ritual on a Sunday, I think the day before the Equinox is also a perfectly reasonable time. (An astrological consultant thinks that Sunday may actually be better; he thinks the exact moment of Spring Equinox would be ideal, but missing it even by a minute or two would be less favorable. Check your schedule, I guess? Sunday morning is a nice time for a ritual, especially if you're getting a group together.)

The New Moon is March 27th. If you prefer a night ritual, the first night when a crescent will be visible also seems like a time that could work. I'll let you figure out the lunar info for your area.


You will want a symbol of the U.S. (Possibilities: a flag, a picture of an eagle, a picture of a bison, a road atlas, your Hamilton album. Preferably something that is meaningful to you. If you are focusing on particular people, symbols of them would be good, as well.

You will want a pot of a hot caffeinated beverage. (Coffee or tea.)

You will want symbols of deities, saints, spirits, etc. associated with light, knowledge, wisdom, and clarity, particularly any who are especially meaningful to you.

You will want a mirror. There's a lot that's significant about mirrors: the idea of "looking at yourself and seeing the truth" is pretty culturally embedded. But here's another thing -- traditionally a vampire doesn't reflect back. By holding up a mirror to someone, we are both confronting them BUT ALSO acknowledging their humanity, the idea that they are redeemable. You wouldn't hold up a mirror to Steve Bannon.

Suggested Structure for a Morning Ritual

If you're doing a dawn ritual on the 20th, rise before dawn. Start your coffee brewing (or your tea). Sit by an eastern window. Lay out the symbols and watch for the sun.

At first light, sing a song of waking and light. (Possibilities: "Morning Has Broken," "Here Comes the Sun," the Little Birdies song from the Scouts, Reveille, Harry Belafonte's "Turn the World Around.")

Call on your deities to wake all who are willing to be woken: to the truth, to themselves, to what we're becoming, to what they've become. Call on them to remind them that it's never too late to turn around. (Resolve for yourself to accept those who DO turn around.) Don't ask for people to be woken forcefully but ask for all those who WANT the truth to receive it, to see it, to find it, to recognize it.

Look into the mirror. Ask to be shown yourself in truth. Ask that all those who are willing to be shown the truth about themselves and the world around them when they look into the mirror in the morning. If it's meaningful to you, make this a small pocket mirror you can literally carry around as a symbol of Bringing People to the Truth, and keep the mirror on your person after the ritual ends.

Thank all who came (both human and divine); pour coffee/tea. Drink. (If "cakes and ale" are part of your standard ritual practice, break bread -- possibly you'll want to lay in morning buns as one of your components, or make toast along with your coffee.) End the ritual.

If you're doing a mid-morning ritual on the 19th, especially for a group, make it a brunch.

Suggestions re a Night Ritual

Watch for the first light of the moon, rather than dawn. Brew a symbolic but non-caffeinated hot beverage; the goal is to invoke enlightenment, not insomnia.


The whole goal of this ritual is to wake the complacent on the other side, to help them see and accept the truth about what's going on.

So take some time, as well, to think about what to say and do, if you get what you ask for. Obviously, it's going to depend on the person and your relationship with them and your history and obligations to each other. But especially if you have a particular person in mind -- someone who insists that they want to know the truth (and they're getting it from Fox News!) and believes they're educated on how things are going -- think about what THAT person needs to hear. If they come to you and say, "things aren't going how I thought they would; what do I do now?" what you can encourage them to do. (You could start by encouraging them to call their congressional rep and say, truthfully, "I am a lifelong Republican and I am horrified at what you're doing." Or letters to the editor. Encourage them to admit their past affiliation, as this makes it easier for other people who are in the same boat to do the same.)

Do not expect your generally-conservative friends to convert to full-press liberalism overnight. Most of us have made changes in our lives that required baby steps. If the only step they make is to realize what the Republican health care plan is going to do to them or people they care about, then let them focus on that. There is so much work to be done -- if they are clinging to a pro-life identity and don't want to push back on the Planned Parenthood stuff (for instance), get them pushing somewhere else (Medicaid, clean air protections, there are MANY options) and trust that time and thought and awareness have their own magic. (I want to say, though, that I'm not advocating that you martyr yourself. You're allowed to have boundaries and dealbreakers in ALL your relationships.)
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